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The TYSA Adult League is an Over-30 Coed league played on Wednesday evenings at our Granite Complex located at 4670 Granite Drive in Tucker.

COST: $60/player

NEXT SEASON BEGINS: September 6, 2023


Each team will be responsible for choosing and purchasing their own jerseys.



• Login to your Playmetrics Account by clicking the button below or by using the App
• Select Club Programs (left side navigation)
• Select Over-30 Adult League

Note: We no longer have “Team Codes”. You will be asked the name of the team or players you wish to be placed with and if you are the Team Captain.


Spring 2023 Adult League Standings

Straight From Rec540125111412
Breakfast Club54012112912
Sud Americana5302191549
Manchesthair Ignited51041221-93
Old Folks Home5005426-220
Free Agents United54012281412
All UTD540124141012
Team Lasso5212151327
The Real OG's52031730-136

Adult League Rules


  • No Smoking
  • No Pets
  • No Hanging on Crossbars
  • No Weapons of Any Sort

TYSA assumes no liability for injuries or accidents that may occur. Players/Spectators are responsible for their own personal items.


• TYSA Adult League follows FIFA Laws of the Game, with the exceptions of the following in-house league rule modifications:

• Field: 7v7 field size

• Number of Games: All seasons are eight (8) games.

• HOME team listed on schedule will kick off first half; AWAY team kicks off second half.

• Goalkeeper may NOT punt or drop-kick ball. May kick ball from ground and may throw ball. Otherwise, no limits on distance of a played ball.

• Keeper must release ball within referee’s 6-second count, or result is indirect kick for opposing team at top-center of 10 yard box.

• Players must be 5 yards from the spot of a free kick anywhere on field, and outside of 10-yard box on a PK.

• If an indirect free kick is called within 5 yards of the goal, the ball will be spotted 5 yards away from the goal line of where the infringement took place.

• NO Offside calls in 7v7 matches.

• Goal may not be scored directly from kickoff, the kickoff is indirect (if another player touches it, the goal will count). Kickoff touch may be played forward or backwards.


Game Duration: Two 22.5-minute halves, plus 2-3 minute halftime.

Abandoned Match: f a game in progress is cancelled, the game will be considered a completed match if at least one half of time has been played. If one half has not been played, the game will be rescheduled and start with the remaining time and score from when the match was called.

Forfeits: If a team does not show for their game, the result will be a 3-0 loss on the team’s record. The team that shows may still use the field for their game duration.

The minimum number of players to start a match is five (5). A team will forfeit if they do not have the minimum number of players.

If there are not enough players at the scheduled kick off time, the team has up to 10 minutes to wait for more players to show. If after those 10 minutes a team still cannot be formed, the opponent may decide to earn the forfeit win 3-0, or wait until more players show. Both team managers and the referee must agree that the match will take place if 10 minutes have passed.


Rosters: Team managers are responsible for roster management of their team.  All players must join their team roster through the Blue Sombrero system at For questions/assistance with roster management, please email

Substitutions: Players may substitute on dead ball situations once acknowledged by referee. This includes – either team kickoff or restart of game; either team goal kick; either team throw-in; at time of injury subs for either team; at time of a yellow card for carded player of either team (yellow carded player MUST be subbed for, and may return after two minutes at first eligible sub time; other times at the discretion of referee; corner kick subs are allowed for either team.

Please be mindful of sharing time on the field.  There should be no player that sits out longer than 5 minutes at any one time. 


• Goals scored by a female player will count as 2


  • WINS = 3 points
  • TIES = 1 points
  • LOSSES = 0 points

In the event of a tie in the standings, the tie-breaker for final league standings are followed in this order:

  1. Head-to-head result (goal differential if tied)
  2. Goal differential
  3. Goals for


All restarts are indirect with the exception of a Penalty Kick. Penalty Kicks will be taken from the top of the Penalty Area.

Players are subject to cautions and send offs according FIFA’s Law 12.

Yellow Cards: Players who are issued a caution (yellow card) must sit out for two minutes before re-entering the match. This player may be replaced by a substitute while exiting the field. A goalkeeper who is issued a yellow card must be replaced by either a field player or substitute, but may join the field after his/her 2 minute suspension.

Red Cards: Players who are issued a red card (sent off) must leave the field of play immediately and may not return to the field of play for the remainder of that match. The player’s suspension lasts one game (next scheduled game) unless further disciplinary action is taken by TYSA (case specific). The team must play one less player for the remainder of that match. A goalkeeper who is issued a red card is also subject to this same rule.

Consistent infringement or a serious incident(s) committed by a player or team may result in suspension or being kicked out of the league.

Sliding: NO slide tackling.

A slide tackle call results in an indirect free kick from area of the violation if the call was for an illegal slide (in an age specific or coed league).

The offending player may be verbally warned on the initial instance which serves as a warning to both teams, or, based upon severity of initial instance, may be given a yellow or red card at the referee’s discretion.

Play-on advantage may be awarded by the referee in the instance of a failed attempted slide tackle or foul.

Goalkeeper sliding: The goalkeeper is allowed to slide. The slide may only be towards an opponent who is controlling the ball or in a “50/50” play area of an opponent. A referee may decide to issue a send off to a goalkeeper if the goalkeeper slide tackles and fouls an opponent for denying a goal scoring opportunity.

Profanity: Profanity is not tolerated. Players using profanity are subject to automatic cautions. Consistent infringement may result in suspensions.

3 Game Automatic Suspension Policy: Any player who is guilty of striking, punching, slapping, spitting, intentionally kicking, or any other vicious or intentional act (even if it is reactive), will be issued an automatic three game suspension, no questions asked. Referee reports will be given to TYSA Administration. Guilty players will recieve no refunds for suspensions. TYSA holds the right to issue a harsher suspension depending on the incident.

Fighting Policy: Should a player be involved in a fight or serious incident they will be held to the following:

1st Violation- expulsion with no refund from current TYSA Adult league season
2nd Violation- a one year expulsion from TYSA Adult league with no refunds.
3rd Violation- ban from all TYSA leagues

Teams that are involved in two incidents in the same season will be suspended for the remainder of the season with no refunds. All games will be forfeited and the team will be relegated one division the following season should they decide to return. Teams that are suspended for a second time will not be allowed to return under the same team name or same manager.

All other disputes, fights, incidents etc. can be reviewed by TYSA and are punishable depending on the situation. All decisions are final and non-disputable.


Jerseys: Teams should wear like jerseys (number policy relaxed). Training bibs/Pinnies are not avaiable to teams. TYSA encourages teams to bring a second color in case of a conflict. If there is a conflict, the HOME team will change jerseys.

Shin Guards: Shin guards are not mandatory but HIGHLY RECOMMENED and must be covered by socks wen worn.

Footwear: Players may play in molded plastic or rubber cleats or turfs.

No jewelry allowed.

Soccer Balls: TYSA will provide match balls.