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In May of 2021, TYSA joined the prestigious Celtic FC International Partnership Program. Our club has adapted The Celtic Way curriculum and continuously looks for more ways to develop our players and coaches.


  • Hosting an annual summer camp
  • Attending Elite ID camps
  • Sending our coaching staff to the Annual Celtic Convention in Glasgow
  • Participating in monthly coach seminars
  • Sending teams to train and play competitive games in Glasgow at the Celtic Academy grounds


The club partnership program allows overseas clubs to become an official Club Partner of Celtic Football Club and receive benefits such as:

  • Access to academy standard coaching curriculum Permission to use official Celtic crest (pre-approved by Celtic)
  • Opportunity for partner club’s teams to visit Celtic FC
  • Visits from Celtic FC coaches to partner club
  • Opportunity for players to attend official Celtic FC coaching in Glasgow
  • Feature on Celtic official website
  • Feature in official Celtic magazine, ‘The Celtic View’
  • Annual subscription for official club internet channel, Celtic TV
  • Opportunity to host Celtic FC soccer camps/clinics
  • Opportunities to travel to Celtic FC to take part in our team tour experience
  • Coach educations sessions


Triumph Soccer enjoys a fabulous relationship with Atlanta United. As a Tier 1 member, TYSA supports ticket sales through multiple group allocations yearly. These unique opportunities afford Triumph players to participate in on-field fan experiences including being Player Escorts and Flag Bearers. Additionally, many members get to experience the High 5 tunnel where that can great the arriving players.
TYSA also has a relationship with the Atlanta United Academy and Juniors program having had several TYSA players go through the program, and the club still has former Triumph players as members of the current ATL UTD Academy.

Regional Development School
The Regional Development School (RDS) is a try-out based program focused on creating high level training environment for players with aspirations of joining our Academy. Players seeking to join our RDS can sign up for one of our tryouts. RDS is designed to supplement a player’s club training.

Soccer Development Partners
The Atlanta United Soccer Development Partners program was created to provide a unified platform for us all to celebrate the game and our unwavering commitment to the development of the game.

To achieve these goals, we seek to PROVIDE local clubs across the state of Georgia with unique opportunities to see professional soccer up close, to CREATE fun and memorable team building experiences, and most importantly, to CELEBRATE soccer development in a unified way across the Southeast. Clubs will have opportunities to be recognized for player development and club support, attend games, be on the pitch, interact with players, and many other unique experiences.

Atlanta United would like to recognize clubs as key stakeholders in the development of the next generation of the game. Together, we will raise the bar for youth soccer across the state of Georgia.

SCCL | Southeastern Clubs Champions League

The Southeastern Clubs Champions League was formed in 2018 by clubs searching for a better way to offer youth soccer programing for the serious player. Our league has grown quickly to include some of the best teams in the Southeast.

The SCCL, a leading youth soccer league in Georgia, is excited to announce the creation of the Super Club which will compete in the SCCL Club based division starting in the fall of 2021. The winner of each SCCL Premier 1 male and female U13-U17 leagues will be promoted to the Super Club to compete in the highest level of the SCCL in the SCCL Club division (U14-U18) next fall.

Reflecting the growth and increasing strength of the SCCL platform we feel the additional promotion based on performance will enhance the development of the league and its players. The results from the Fall 2022 season will be used to form the Super Club in ages U13-U18 for the Fall 2023 season.

With the addition of the newly formed program, clubs will be able to manage a pathway for their players to compete at the highest level of the SCCL.

Who can participate in the Select Program?

Boys and Girls that are evaluated by the Academy/Select coaches through a tryout process and selected are eligible to play U13 through U19 Triumph Select.

Age groups for Fall 2023 / Spring 2024:

  • Under 13       : birth year 2011
  • Under 14       : birth year 2010
  • Under 15       : birth year 2009
  • Under 16       : birth year 2008
  • Under 17       : birth year 2007
  • Under 18       : birth year 2006

How many divisions are in the SCCL?

Depending on the age group, there can be anywhere from 4-6 divisions ranging from Champions league being the top, followed by Premier 1 – Premier 5.

Transitioning from Academy to Select (rising U13 players)

Next Fall will be an exciting year as the U12s make the transition from the Academy Program (U9-U12) to the Select Program (U13 and above). There are several notable changes when players move to Select. A number of these changes are outlined below so that you and your player are prepared for this exciting transition in their soccer development.

Field Size: This is the most obvious difference for players and parents. The U12s play on a field that is about 80×50. U13 plays on full-size regulation field that is approximately 120×80; each club’s fields will somewhat vary. This is nearly double the size of the field they currently play on.

Ball Size: They will now use a full size 5 ball.

Players: The play format will change from 9v9 to 11v11. Rosters are limited and most coaches will only take 14-18 players per team (more on this below).

Other noticeable changes: The level of competition is generally tougher, speed of play and physicality could be increased, and with a larger field size conditioning will play a SIGNIFICANT role in their individual and team success. There is now full implementation of the FIFA rules, so there may be less leniency and players could be carded more frequently, and a red card would mean sitting out the rest of that current game and the next game. There could be more practices or longer practices (coach dependent). Travel may be a bit further too. While most Southeastern Clubs Champions League (SCCL) clubs are in the Metro Atlanta area, there are teams in Columbus, Athens, Rome and Birmingham, AL. The SCCL is growing, so new clubs could be added.

Outlined above are some of the more notable game play changes, but there are differences to how we run the teams too. Parents, much of this will pertain to you, so please read carefully. If you have any questions reach out to your coach, the team manager, or club administrators.


Tryouts: All players must try out at two of the three offered days. All clubs offer tryouts on the same dates with those same requirements so that players cannot shop around too much. If your player is not physically at tryouts, they cannot be selected. This is an SCCL rule. However, vacations happen, so if your player is going to miss tryouts, arrangements can be made for them to be assessed the week prior (no early decisions/offers will be made). Please register as usual for tryouts, then contact Terry Joyner at if an early assessment is needed.

Offers: Offers (and rejections) will begin going out the Friday after tryouts. Notifications will be sent to the primary email address listed in your player’s TYSA account so be sure it is accurate. You will have two days to accept your player’s position. If you do not accept, or do not respond in those two days then the spot goes to the next player. If you wait to respond, then your player may not have a spot on the team as all roster space could be filled. This is standard practice by all clubs. Clubs must declare the number of Select teams they will have shortly after tryouts, so it is imperative that TYSA learn the number of teams they will form as soon as possible. While rosters may not be 100%, a club will not declare a team if they do not have the minimum number of players the coach requires. Therefore, it is important that you accept quickly so that TYSA can move to officially form the team.


Roster Sizes: In Academy all players were pooled together and could move between the Gold/Green/Black teams each week, sometimes playing on multiples teams in a single weekend. For Select, the rosters are set and there is no movement between teams. Whatever team a player is selected to is where they will remain for that year. Coaches will typically take 14-18 players.

No Guaranteed Spots: Just as the name indicates, Select is selective, and returning players are not guaranteed a spot on the team, regardless of how long they’ve played in the TYSA Academy program. Placement depends on the number of players trying out, the skill level of those players, the number of players the coach wants, who accepts, and the number of teams TYSA can form.

For example, there are 20 players are at tryouts, but this is not enough to form two teams and too many for one team. The coach will only take the 14-18 players they feel are suited for the team. If 30 players tryout then TYSA could form a Gold and Green team, if the minimum number for two teams accepts.

Separate Teams:
Each team (Gold/Green/Black, etc.) are individually managed. Each team has their own roster, coach, and team manager. Their practice schedule may be different than the friends on the other team(s), and their game schedules will also be different.

Player Availability: Players should be available for practice and games each week. Unlike the Academy Program with pooled players, a set roster means players need to be available for matches and tournaments. Injuries, vacations, and life events do happen, so there are some limited rules about having guest players. However, this is not meant to be used as an option for coaches to use to fill out the roster every week.


TYSA does not schedule the games; this is completed by the SCCL. If a Select game is cancelled, then it will need to be made up as teams are required to play all their planned matches. This is because scores are reported, and team rankings are important in the Select Program for appropriate rankings and competition. A make-up game could be over a weekend, or a weeknight.


They are a bit higher than Academy. TYSA tries to be competitive with our pricing, but in Select, referees are more qualified, thus they cost more. Additionally, there are increases in coaching costs, travel, and insurance.


There will be promotion and relegation within the Premier level. In groups of more than eight teams, two teams will be promoted, and two teams will be relegated each season. In groups of eight or less, there will be only one team promoted and one team relegated each season. The SCCL Board of Directors reserve the right to adjust and ensure appropriately competitive divisions.

For 13U – 14U there are two seasons/year — fall and spring. There is no promotion into the club based division at the end of the Spring season.

For 15U and older, the fall season is the only official season of the year.

For Premier 1, the fall season winners will be promoted into the club based division.

For the U13-14 age groups, they will join the club based division for the Spring Season.

For the U15-17 age groups, the teams will join the club based division in the fall as they age up.

The premier teams that are promoted into club based cannot be relegated. Premier teams that are promoted into club based will not have home games unless the game is against another promoted premier team and the league has assigned them as the home team for that game.


How do I accept or decline my player’s offer?
Those players chosen for the select team will be notified by Friday following tryouts. You will have to accept your position by Sunday. If you have decided not to accept the position, we ask that you let us know. To accept your child’s invitation, sign the waivers (please read them carefully) and make your payment. You will have the option to pay in full or sign up for a payment plan. Upon completion, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive confirmation, your acceptance has not been received. Notify if you run into any issues during the acceptance process.

Is there financial assistance available?
For your convenience, TYSA offers a Payment Plan which divides registration fees into monthly installments. If you feel you need additional assistance, you may apply for aid. We ask that you submit your application prior to tryouts so that we may offer the aid at the time of player commitment. Funds are limited, so please apply early.

What if my player is not selected, or a team does not form? What are the options?
TYSA will do everything possible to form a team so that those selected and accepted into the TYSA Select program will have a team to play on. In the rare event that a team does not form, then your player is free to find another club to join. If your player was not selected, then keep working! Perhaps they just had a bad tryout, or the coach made a mistake in judgment. Rec is still a wonderful program. Games are still competitive and played against other neighboring clubs, but the play will not be as demanding as Select. Even still, it is a great place to enjoy playing soccer and to continue to hone your skills for the next tryout session. However, if you are still looking for a competitive Select team then you can reach out to area clubs. While rosters will need to be set in a timely manner, teams can still add to their rosters if their coach wishes. So, reach out to other clubs as they still may have roster space.

My player currently plays on a Gold team, is that were they will play in Select?
Team placement depends on who tries out, the position they play, and how the coaches feel about their ability to handle the level of play the coach is hoping to achieve.

What is SCCL?
SCCL is the Southeastern Clubs Champions League. The purpose is to offer an elevated level of competition for local players and clubs. It is the league the TYSA Select program is affiliated with for the purposes of scheduling, insurance, and competition. To find out more, visit

Do Select Teams compete in the same tournaments as the TYSA academy?
Yes and no. The Executive Director and the team coach will select the tournaments the team will be competing in throughout the year. Some tournaments are Academy only, so our Select teams would not be able to join those. The Triumph Cup, the Tennessee Invitational, and the Warner ASG (Tallahassee) tournaments are open to both Academy and Select teams, so there is likely to be overlap for these.

I’ve seen ECNL and MLSNext at area clubs. What are those and does TYSA offer this?
ECNL and MLSNext are competition levels within Select soccer. ECNL (Elite Club National League) is considered some of the highest levels of competition play in youth soccer. MLSNext is another league and is also considered an elite level of competition. Many clubs that have ECNL and/or MLSNext teams are also part of the SCCL. Currently TYSA does not offer any ECNL or MLSNext teams, however this does not mean that our teams do not play at these high levels. We have Select teams that routinely beat ECNL and MLSNext teams in match play and during tournaments.



A National Association member of the U.S. Soccer Federation, US Club Soccer fosters the growth and development of soccer clubs in order to create the best possible development environment for players of all ages.

Anchored by Players First and its five pillars of Club Development, Coaching Development, Player Development, Parent Engagement & Education and Player Health & Safety, US Club Soccer offers registration, league- and cup-based competition platforms, player identification and a variety of other programming, resources and services.



Georgia Soccer is the authorized state youth and adult association for Georgia within the United States Adult Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association, and through them is part of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Also, Georgia Soccer serves as the official National State Association of USSF making it responsible to act on behalf of USSF and provide licensing courses for coaches and certification courses for referees.

In turn, the United States Soccer Federation is the recognized national soccer association within the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA), the worldwide governing body for soccer. Essentially, we serve affiliated member organizations throughout Georgia in both program and administrative support activities.


Generation Adidas International

Powered by inspiresport and partnered with some of the world’s best soccer academies, Generation Adidas International’s expertise in soccer and travel logistics will ensure a smooth trip. The quality and credentialing standards we maintain provide coaches and parents with the necessary assurances that their children will be safe and well cared for while overseas. We are proud and excited that you have chosen us and our hope is that every player, coach, and parent that participates in one of our unique trips will have a positive, life-changing experience.

Take The Trip Of A Lifetime For Celtic’s Youth Soccer Summer Camp
Celtic have always had a rich history of producing talented players. The 1967 European Cup winning ‘Lisbon Lions’ team featured an all-Scottish side all born within a 30-mile radius of the club’s stadium, Celtic Park, an incredible achievement. The Celtic B team of the same era, many of which went on to replace the Lisbon Lions, became known as the ‘Quality Street Gang’ and included players such as Kenny Dalgleish, Lou Macari, George Connelly and more who went on to have fantastic careers. More recently, academy graduates have included the likes of Kieran Tierney, Liam Miller and Aiden McGeady as Celtic continue to name several academy graduates in the first team squad every year.

The Celtic Youth Academy have enjoyed lots of success in giving young players the support and developing the skills required to become professional soccer players. Since 2000/01, it is believed that one in three Celtic Youth Academy players have gone on to become professional soccer players.